Can your website make money without AdSense? Well, we all know why to build a website in the first place. It is for selling a product/service or for creating a portfolio or starting a blog. 

How would anyone earn from websites? There are numerous ways than just an AdSense. Although, AdSense is the most popular source of income, let’s dive into other revenue sources as well. 

10 Ways to Make Money Without AdSense

Here, I am discussing websites that are blog sites. If you are starting any blog, remember that you will find ways to monetize your content once you start taking an action. Besides, AdSense there are numerous ways through which you can earn good enough to live well. 

 There are several ways to monetize your content. Let’s begin! 

1. Sponsorships 

Sponsorships are the best way to earn revenue out of your blog. The blog is especially an information piece, where you are sharing and recommending some valuable stuff related to your niche. 

Say, you have a blog about gifting. You can mention the 10 best gifts to give your mom on her birthday. And the gift makers will sponsor you to list their gift in your blog listicle. 

2. Building a Community 

Your blog will help you build a like-minded community. Channelise your readers somewhere. For instance, ask them to join your WhatsApp or Telegram group. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. 

This way, you will be having your audience in one place and you can earn by selling them courses, consultations or products. 

3. Offer Consultation 

When you are blogging, it is clear that you are providing deep information in your niche. You can take some serious problems and issues in which people need help. Provide them with a consultation. 

For instance, my blog niche is “content writing”. I will cover all the whats and why’s in my blogs. However, when it comes to hows, I will be providing one-to-one consultation. You can keep this consultation paid. 

4. Offer Remote Assistance 

In your niche, it is quite possible that you are explaining everything in step by step format. Still, people would need assistance.

Here’s where you can assist them to fix their bug or guide them via zoom call if they are performing their home remedy right. 

5. Build Your Freelancing Authority 

If you are a freelancer, it goes without saying that you would require an online portfolio. In such cases, you can build your website to build your authority in your domain.

For instance, along with building your portfolio you can share your experiences and give it a more personal touch. By doing this, you will also be able to get better opportunities and you also mentor someone who’s aspiring to get projects.

6. Start Niche-wise Business / Professionals Listing 

Just as JustDial, Practo, and Noomi. For instance, start a website listing the CAs in World, location-wise. This directory will help you generate revenues in multiple forms. 

You can cover up the contact details and start earning from the site. 

7. Sell Soft Templates 

You might already have heard about Etsy and Canva. You can create soft templates of journals from Canva, and check the popularity and demand on Etsy. 

Develop a website where you showcase your soft templates of books, journals, diaries, doodle books, doodles, calendars, and whatnot in printable format. 

8. Create your own merchandise store 

Related to your niche, you can open up a merch store. For instance, if you are talking about sports, then you can keep customised merch in sports. The same will go if your niche is somewhat techie. 

If you tech geek, develop merchandise for tech accessories. These days, you will find many tools to create merchandise. And it is manufacture on-demand type. So you don’t have to invest anything upfront.

9. Provide Tutorials / Coaching on demand 

You can hold an online session with your traffic. Ask your people to gather by email or any other social media. Make their groups according to their interests and purposes to follow your website. Now, simply conduct courses or tuitions for them according to their taste. 

For instance, if you are having a blog on the “digital marketing” niche, ask people to join your email list. Communicate with your audience to know why they are following your blog. 

Once you get that, host some courses or tuition for them. 

10. Affiliate 

And the most common one – Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is promoting third-party’s products on your site and earning commissions. 

Affiliate is also a good stream to generate revenue. Just the thing is, be cautious about your niche. There are some products that people would love to search for online, but they will never purchase online. 

Also, it is commendable to go for digital products affiliate as it will pay you more commission than physical ones. Now, creators have more opportunities in Affiliate as meta and NFT is on the way. 

Bottom Line

So, can your website make money without AdSense? Of course! The thing is, it will take time. How much? No one could predict exactly. But, you could certainly see the results in 90 to 180 days, given that you are consistent. 

Do you have any other way out? Comment below.

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