Content Strategy for user experience can 10x your website growth.

Out of one thousand people surfing online, more than 900 people are influenced by the UI UX of the website than the actual content itself. 

Nicer the pictures and graphics, the more likeable the website becomes. 


At the same time. If a website looks and feels good and has no captivating content over it, it again loses its authenticity. 

So, a website becomes a good website with stunning UX and captivating content. 

On the same page so far? 


The Complete Guide To User Experience (UX) Content Strategy

Content Strategy for UX? 

But that’s the job of a graphic designer no!

Content Strategy in UX includes the very format and flow of the website. Let’s get talking about the landing page. 

What your slider should read like? Should your slider address the pain point or directly offer the solution?

What section should come right after the slider section?

Will your achievements bring more trust or your testimonials?

Will simply writing the testimonials work or do you need a screenshot or product images to support your authenticity?

For all these, you need a proper content strategy. 

If you are to create a product-based website, you need to be very sure as to where you are standing right now. Your starting point matters. 

There are majorly 2 categories to position yourself. 

  • You are either starting as an innovator, a game changer 
  • or you are offering just another product that’s in demand in the market. 

1. For Game Changer Product / Service

If you are bringing some innovation to the market, your slider should address the problem statement. 

And, you need to have a flow where you are convincing your reader that they should consider your offerings. 

For the same, you need to be very clear about the pain point you are solving. 

The only purpose of your slider/header should be to make your reader scroll down. 

The next sections after your slider should be:

  • How your solution is proven and authentic 

Give the reader some proof of how your solution is the best they could have asked for. Including a video to make your point clear would be an add-on. 

  • Be clear with your offerings

Once you have given your reader a clear idea of your product and what problem you are capable of solving, clarify your offerings. Try offering something for free. For instance, keep a free trial period. Or give some free package. Ideally, 10% of your freemium users will become your premium users. 

  • Mention Your Achievements and Collaborations

Although your product or service may be new in the market, still, you need to build your authority by collaborating with PR agencies and writing blogs on renowned platforms. You also need to mention your noteworthy and relevant achievements if any. 

  • Now comes Testimonials

Before bringing the product/service to the market directly, you might certainly have MVPed it. Mention your results. Give the real people getting real results story. 

  • Your Story

Write your story and how you got to your innovative idea. Write in as much detail as you could. 

  • Case Study 

Mention how you solved the problem with your innovative solution. But, mention at least 3 case studies. 

  • CTA

Let your CTA be uniform throughout the page. Don’t give your readers too many options. Either they will buy your product/service or sign up for your newsletter. That’s it. 

  • Building a community is crucial

If they aren’t ready to become your customer yet, let them be a part of your community at least

2. For Just Another Product / Service In The Market

Here, your slider won’t be a problem statement. Because problem statements would be so common that you would already have plenty of solutions in the market. And why you?


Why you, should be your slider content. 

Focus on Why more than What you are offering. 

  • Make This Age Design and Content

First of all, make your UI UX and content align with your target audience and make it seem futuristic. 

There’s a reason you took your Jupiter and Fi card, right?

You have a reason you preferred Google over Yahoo back then, right?

So is the reason that made you switch your brand to Dove, once upon a time, right?

And the reason is, they made believe that they might just be another product but are still different. 

They made you feel this by making themselves look and feel your age. That is, the audience’s age. 

  • Give Discounts 
  • Create Scarcity 
  • Write Your Achievements
  • Testimonials
  • Your Story
  • Social Media Presence
  • Your Authority 
  • Give Offers 
  • Uniform CTA
  • Strong Lead Magnet
  • Building Community with Newsletter

Bottom Line

All the above pointers should be on your landing page. Making the landing page crispier is fine. But that doesn’t mean the landing page should be short. 

Lengthier your landing page, the more chances of converting your visitors to your prospects. 

Thus the tips to enhance user experience with an effective content strategy.