How to develop a content strategy for small business: A Start-to-Finish Guide

On average one individual consumes over 34 GBs of content, as per reports. Well, that is overwhelming information.

Now, after consuming so much content can you answer me 2 questions?

  1. Can you tell me the last reel or youtube video you saw?
  2. Can you tell me the name of that creator? 

There is a high chance that you will remember the last youtube video you saw. Also, the name of its creator. Like, you do remember the last video you saw was of Matt D’Avella trying something for 30 days.

It will be a little harder to tell the last reel and the name of its creator. Common, you don’t remember the names of all those people dancing on “levitating”. 

Why is this the case? 

Well, some might say it is because of the duration of the video. It may be, because of the community that individual creators have made. 

But high chances are because of the “Story” of the content.

Content strategy for small businesses or any business needs a strong story. A story does not mean scripts, actions, emotions, etc. 

All you need is a reason that forms a connection with your audience.

Connection building is the ultimate purpose of content strategy. Now let us find out how can you build that connection that drives sales.

Content Marketing for Small Businesses: 3 Essential Tips

Put stories at the heart of your content marketing strategy

As mentioned above, it is the story that will create an identity for your business. This story can be an emotion. 

For example, the Cadbury dairy milk ad shows cute relations, friendships, and even brother-sister bondings. Or you can go with male fantasies just like AXE deo. 

Some other ideas are being witty like Amul’s social media campaigns. While some go with pure organic content displaying what they are. No matter what you decide to go with having a core story to connect is a must for your content strategy.

Work on your foundations before rushing into content creation

The foundation of any content strategy is ultimately what your business is. So before getting into content strategy know the “why” of your business.

It will sound boring but trust us, it is the best thing to do. Apple, Google, Amazon, and all big businesses are clear with their why.

You can watch this beautiful video and you will realise it yourself. Start with Why by Simon Sinek (Link).

Once you know your purpose that message will automatically get translated into your story. Ultimately this story will be the foundation of your content strategy.

Document Your Content Strategy and Plan from the Start

Now when you start your content strategy, identify your brand voice. whether it’s casual, professional, or quirky – and ensure consistency across all platforms. 

Leverage various content types, such as blog posts, social media updates, videos, and infographics, to engage your audience on different levels.

The next step is documenting your content strategy. Documenting your content strategy is crucial for maintaining clarity and coherence. You can use simple free tools excel sheets or using calendars.

Start by outlining your content goals, whether they’re to inform, educate, entertain, or inspire. Create an editorial calendar that outlines what content you’ll produce and when, ensuring a steady flow that keeps your audience engaged.

Final Words

Well, this article was more on knowing the core of your business. This was to clarify your “why” and a rough outline of starting your content strategy.

Now in the next article, we will discuss tools that can boost your engagements. How can you write perfect content representing your brand? And all such questions that are unanswered.

If you have a small business, do let us know about that in the comments below. We will come up with a detailed blog with step by step guide. If you want to start with your blog journey please read our blog: How to earn from your blog without AdSense (link).

And before moving on to the next step, here are a few questions that you can answer for yourself.


How can a small business start using content marketing?

To begin content marketing, small businesses should know the purpose of their business. Now they can build a brand voice around that purpose. 

The next step is to define their target audience, create valuable and relevant content, select appropriate channels (website, social media), maintain consistency, and analyze results to refine strategies for optimal engagement and growth.

Does your small business need content marketing/strategy?

Every business needs a content strategy in today’s world. The actual question is how much can you afford to spend on that. You can choose to do all the stuff by yourself with proper management. Once you are profitable in your business, try to outsource your tasks.

Questions to Ask When Creating a Content Strategy

There are simple 3 questions that you need to ask. “Why”, “What” and “How”. Once you know why you are doing it your vision is clear. Then figure out what is the best practice to get the best outcomes. Then figure out how can you get efficient results.