Context Marketing is where Content Marketing starts really working. [Know how]

Even mute ad works. Because they have context. The difference is very blurred between content marketing and context marketing.

Content Marketing has already proven its success rate in the past decade in the segment of digital marketing. Earlier, advertisements were focused mainly on the products. These days, contextual advertising, contextual marketing, and contextual implementing is seen growing

Content Marketing:

Content is all that your ad copy is consisting of. Without content, your ad and marketing both are scraps. 

Context Marketing:

Your business is something that is providing solutions to people. How about making them know that you already exist if they don’t know you yet? Have you tried to interact with them? Or are you just trying to promote yourself right from day 1? 

This is what differs information from actual implementation. Content and Context Marketing are simply this apart.

What Content Marketing looks like

Content Marketing is something that has been working as a crucial factor for many digital marketers. The cost of content marketing is very less as compared to traditional marketing. 

A vast area of broadcasting the ads is digital media. Hence, TV, radio, will come under digital marketing. Here, we are talking about traditional marketing strategies and content market strategies.

If you remember the ads or even the movies from a decade ago, you will understand how content is moving drastically. 

Changing the format of content according to the generation is what content strategy starts with.

Content Marketing is providing information through blogs, articles, trending news, Social Media posts, and so on.

Whatever data you see over the first of Google is because of the Content Marketing strategy that worked right.

What Context Marketing looks like

There is not a drastic, but surely the significant difference between Content Marketing and Context Marketing.

Context Marketing has absolutely outperformed the concept of content marketing by getting personal with people. It is very filtered out, very sorted, tunneled in a row with step by step understanding, making people trust you before asking them for money.

Context Marketing is simply as the name goes – it makes you make use of the content of an ad, with some genuine context. The context that should mean a lot to your potential audiences. 

Is Content Marketing that different from Context Marketing?

Speaking from the surface, you will find a blurred difference between the two. However, in the long run, these two will have completely different results.

You need to upgrade your strategies from time to time. People tend to get used to any advertising strategy if it is bombarded on them continuously.

The strategy that is working right now, will surely become the most failing strategy in just a matter of a few months. 

Just because, your audience has become used to the strategy. 

So upgrading and modifying your marketing strategy is anyway a mandatory thing for the business to become successful. 

Do I have to change my strategy fully?

Not really. Your research and the Genuity is still with you. Whatever you will need to change will be on the peripheral level. The core of your marketing is constant.

Your values and ethics were strong. That’s the core. Whatever marketing strategies you will be working on will be the periphery.

If you have not implemented contextual marketing yet, it is the time to do it right. 

  • Simply understand your potential audience thoroughly.
  • Know their existing problem statement.
  • Know what the internet is lacking for them.
  • Make it your strength and start giving and offering them.
  • Know what your rivals are lacking to provide them.

Understanding Contextual Marketing

Provide your audience with genuine Value absolutely FREE of cost.

Context Marketing is about making your audience contextually sound. Let them know that you sense their pain.

Whatever service you provide, I believe, you are sensing their problems and are providing them the solution. Let this solution be exactly what they are looking for, and yet better than that. When you will start feeling their problem genuinely, they will start feeling your solutions genuinely. 

Educate them to make their life better.

Promotion is not always about telling them how your brand will make their life better. It is about some Genuity. And about letting them know some very informative data. Teaching them something and about them empowered.

For instance, if you are a shoe company, you can teach kids to tie a shoelace. Or you can provide a show tip that the professional image consultant does.

Build relationships with them.

Building relationships with your audience is about answering their query with the sense of responsibility, and honestly. Answers or solutions that just brand themselves are understood by your audience. And you will notice the responses in a similar manner.

Context Marketing is all about knowing this. You must be providing the contextual information and not just promote yourself.

Sometimes, no promotion is the best and genuine marketing trick. 

Present yourself as a brand from the initial level.

Even when you are just starting off, promote yourself as the brand. Personal branding rips out the best. 

Context Marketing is the base of any branding strategy that you can think of.

Do I need to optimize my marketing entirely?

It depends on where you stand currently. If you are not getting any conversions, it is definitely time to revamp it right from the scratch.

Context Marketing is all about making your product and service look conceptually appealing and useful for your potential users. 

Reaching your potential user base is not when you promote. It is when you be their friends, solve their query, respond to them when they are in need, and then influence them.

Context Marketing is all about the process. Promotion happens somewhere in the process.

The verdict:

Context Marketing is that grown-up Content Marketing, dating your audiences. Are you ready for the genuine date too? Or are you still enjoying the flirting and rejection game?

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