Dream 11 IPL updates that people are looking in the IPL blog

News articles of sports are now not only limited to the last page of the newspaper. Right from the Times of India to Cricbuzz, everyone is trying their best to publish an IPL blog on different aspects of the game. Recently Mumbai Indians became the first official account to cross 5 million-plus followers on Instagram. 

Over millions of people visit every article related to IPL. Right from the auction till the final match, knowingly or unknowingly we are reading the blogs of IPL in the form of live scores, updates, match dates or fixtures, playing 11 of teams, and whatnot.

What does all the above stats suggest to you? There are lots of people who want to read something new about this sport. Various platforms that have a vast fan following are open for accepting new content related to cricket and IPL. The platform is ready, viewers are eager now all need is your piece of information to make your IPL blog work.

Why would people read my Blog? 

One of the most common fears that we all have is this question, there are already cricket experts who have spent their lives watching and playing cricket than why will people take interest in reading a blog of an average person like me?

How many times have we discussed playing 11 with our friends before the match started? How many times have we reviewed the match and discussed what went wrong? We all have criticized and at times supported the players. This all is nothing but a unique piece of information. 

We all have our point of view that is not influenced by anyone’s opinion, this information can be shared and you can give a different angle to people of enjoying the game.in India, only cricket can bring us together and make us debate on various players. So now stop thinking and sow people cricket from your own eyes.

3 Things that every IPL fan will read

We have evolved as a cricket fan and we are living in the modern world where we get a lot of views on a single aspect of cricket. It is very much possible that you have your way of analyzing the game but to make people read your blog here are some facts, live updates, and tricks to grab the attention of any cricket fan.

Write about the heavyweight teams and players.

One of the biggest clashes in IPL Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings

Big things are the first aspect to be settled while writing the blog. Big players and teams are what makes IPL the best cricket league in the world. Now in the IPL the most interesting battles to look forward are the rivalry of Mumbai Indians and Chennai super kings, RCB, and KKR. 

These big battles are always made interesting by interesting player contests. For example, we would love to watch no. 1 Batsman Virat Kohli taking on Jasprit Burmah or a battle between MS Dhoni and Sunil Narine, KL Rahul will face Tahir on spin-friendly Dubai pitches, Pollard has to overcome Delhi’s quality bowling, David Warner hs to find ways of getting Jofra archer away. 

If you include all these factors in your IPL blog you will surely get lots of views and people will comment you with their ideas and this will drive engagements for you. Other factors too play their part in making your blog rank, but in the end, content is the real king.

Write about the latest news

News need not be only about players and their training or match performance, news related to IPL is more like happenings in the cricket world. You can write on David warner’s COVID test or what is the duration of Quaranteen for players coming back from CPL or International cricket, and various such aspects of the game.

Some of the interesting and unexpected searches that went trending will definitely surprise you. Now here are some of the topics that can be written as a small article are:-

  • Ab opens about match-fixing in the IPL
  • SRK says IPL is quality time with family for him
  • A trending video of MS Dhoni teaching Ziva the names of IPL teams
  • Players that played IPL only for one franchise
  • Fun bowl out session for RCB 

If you look at the above points you will note that this points are related to IPL but are not an exact analysis of the game so cricket players who are young and looking for making carrier in it are not your audience here but the people who love to watch players play and follow them will surely read your article.

Write about fun facts and statistics

Now, this point is completely different from the above point. In the articles related to stats and facts you have to stick with players’ in the match performances, this will include some interesting topics like

  • 5 players who played for both Mumbai and Chennai
  • 3 Uncapped Indians who scored a century
  • Bowlers with the best strike rate in powerplay overs. 
  • Rohit Sharma’s average in the last three seasons.
  • 5 batsman who took hattrick while bowling, the player at no. 4 will shock you

So the articles that include facts and statistics should be on the point and you have to make sure that you give credit link for the stats. Now if you noticed the last point will grab your attention as it has created a sense of curiosity in your mind. 

How to analyze teams like an expert

You have to be unbiased while making an analysis of the teams, no matter which team you support you cannot be biased while writing its analysis. Now the vital point to consider while analyzing is the format or structure of the analysis. 

If you follow the cricket experts than you will note this point that they categories the players for example, in Cricbuzz Harsha Bhogle will talk about batsman bowlers and allrounders, then the key player, and finally will talk about the strengths, weakness, and chances of the team. The link to his videos is given below for reference.

If you watch Akash Chopra he will directly talk about SWOT analysis, that is he will point out every teams’ strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. The link to his videos is also mentioned below. So now you can create your own format for analyzing each team and make your article worth sharing. 

How to write the Review of the previous match

Reviewing the previous games is one of the easiest ways of writing the article, all you need to write is about the facts that happened in the match. It is more like writing the highlights of the match for those who missed it.

You can write about your own opinions like whether Kings Punjabi should have bowled after winning or RR may have played an extra bowler or batsman. The vital thing is to write and stick with key moments of the match.

You can talk about the man of the match or the best catch and all the other important moments of the match.

Write an IPL blog for fantasy games

Creating best teams for fantasy leagues

Dream 11 is the new sponsor for IPL. So now you can consider fantasy league as a part of IPL. In the fantasy cricket, there are two main contests -one type is a mega contest and the other type is on one or small contests. 

While writing a blog on each match you must provide 2 or more teams for both the types of contests. Listing out the platers from each side and making captain and vice-captain is not enough. You have to give a strong supporting reason for the pick.

In the end, you have to make sure that the team that you have created can be an average team, or it may not make your audience the winners. Maybe before the match, some changes are made and so your team can be on the losing side. 

You can just tell your audience to make the necessary changes and after all, IPL is for fun. So don’t be frustrated by the losses. Just like players you can understand your mistake and come stronger the next match. After all, it is all matter of luck.

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Final words

Have you started writing your blog on cricket? If yes then please let me know what are other points that must be covered in the article. If you are new than just start writing your blog. Don’t care about the views, ranks, and other kinds of stuff. In case you have knowledge the real happiness lies in sharing it.

Also, let us know which is your favorite team for IPL 2020. You can also comment on various other topics related to IPL 2020.

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