If you are a ChatGPT pro user you will automatically have access to GPT 4. And you might be already thinking – “How to make money from your GPT 4 App”. So we are here with a live GPT 4 demo.

GPT announces various updates and news almost every day.

Before diving into monetization strategies, it’s important to understand what a GPT App offers. A GPT store typically enables you to sell products or services based on GPT technology, such as chatbots, content generators, or custom AI solutions. These offerings cater to a wide range of industries, from customer service to content creation.

Here’s everything need to know about the GPT store and its monetization.

Remember the Chat GPT agents that you used to create before are now made easy with the GPT store. So GPT store or App is just an update on ChatGPT 4, where you can create your own GPTs and publish them on the GPT store or GPT apps.

That way you can make money as more people will use your GPTs

What is ChatGPT Store? GPT 4 Demo

ChatGPT pro has recently launched a new feature of the GPT store, where you can create your own GPTs. The GPTs could do almost anything for you. They could manage your social media, help you find relevant and better keywords, help you code faster, help you set up your e-commerce store, help you create your product and you name it and try your hands on it.

Currently, there are pre-installed GPTs in the store. You can go through them and try them according to your requirements. To access the GPT store, you need to be a ChatGPT pro user.

How To Create ChatGPT Store – Step-by-Step GPT 4 Demo

  1. Login to your ChatGPT pro
  2. In the life-hand side column, you will find an option – ‘explore’. Click on Explore.
  3. Click on Create a GPT
  4. You will see your screen divided into 2 sections.

And voila! your GPT is all set up for you to try your hands on! Play with it until you are satisfied with the outcomes.

How To Earn From GPT Store (Practical GPT 4 Demo)

There are numerous ways to make money using the GPT Store.

Sell your own unique GPTs in a subscription module (B2C)

  1. Create your GPTs that can help solve the real market problem.
  2. Create your selling page where people would buy and integrate the GPT
  3. Advertise your GPT
  4. Charge your users monthly or yearly or onetime

Sell your service of creating GPTs for the businesses (B2B)

  1. Find a business that is hiring for the positions that could be replaced by your GPT service.
  2. Make a custom GPT for them and integrate the same with their system.
  3. Give them a month’s trial where you would assist them and shadow them until they get their desired results.
  4. Offer them a price of 50% of their employee CTC budget.


The journey to making your GPT store a profitable enterprise is filled with opportunities and challenges. By understanding your offerings, implementing effective monetization strategies, and deploying robust marketing tactics, you can unlock the full potential of your GPT store. Embrace the dynamic nature of GPT technology, and watch as your store becomes a cornerstone in the AI marketplace.

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