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Being a sports content writer it is important to stay up with the latest updates. A few days back the second phase of IPL started. I was excited to watch the matches on Hotstar. while watching the match I came across an option called Hotstar Dosts. Even Zakir Khan was posting on his Instagram handle with hashtags of IPL.

So, here is my experience of watching matches on Hotstar dosts. Also, freelancers guide on writing a sports article on sports update

One of the main reasons to watch the match on Hotstar Dosts was because of Zakir Khan!!! If you are not a cricket lover you can still watch Zakir performing for hours. Along with Zakir Khan, Hotstar Dosts have multiple entertainers like Varun Sharma, Abhishek Upamanu, Anubhav Singh Bassi, Harsh Gunjal, Angad Singh, and the list will go on. 

Watching the match on Hotstar is like combining two favorite things together. Watching all entertainers perform is like having a fun time, watching an IPL match is like bringing in thrill. Here you get both the things at the same time, no reason to complain at all. If you are wondering how to watch the game on Hotstar Dosts then keep on reading.

How to watch the match on Hotstar Dosts?

So without any further ado let us know the steps to watch the match on Hotstar Dosts. 

Step 1: To watch the match on Hotstar, the obvious thing you need is a Hotstar subscription. 

meme image of Ranveer brar

Step 2: Now while watching the game tap on the audio icon. 

Final step: You will see all the options like English, Hindi, Marathi, Dugout, and also the Dosts. Click on Dosts and you are done.

By following these simple steps you are ready to enjoy the match with the entertainment of renowned comedians.

Who should watch the match on Hotstar Dosts

Hotstar dosts are for those who want to enjoy the time with some jokes, poems (Shayari from Zakir Khan) and don’t want to know much about the technical side of the game. If you switch to English, Hindi, or any other language you can listen to experts of the game simplifying the technical aspect. 

Hotstar Dosts creates a chill atmosphere, you can find some stats questions by Angad, some wordplay jokes by Varun Sharma, and comedians like Anubhav Singh Bassi, Harsh Gunjal, and Zakir khan with their fabulous comic timing.

For short sessions, you can also listen to cricket experts. Irfan Pathan and Parthiv Patel were called to do some commentary and even they nailed it with their sense of humor. So overall you will miss nothing after switching to Hotstar Dosts.

Final words

It was really a worthwhile experience to see comedians doing commentary for an IPL match. Not sure how many viewers do they get. However, as we see the fan following of these comedians we can assure that the non-cricketing fans may have also switched to cricket. 

If you have already switched to Hotstar Dosts then please share your experience in the comment section.

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Do let us know what you prefer watching experts or entertainers. 

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