Here are some Swing trading stocks for next week that I am watching closely.

But before knowing about them here, you should keep some things in mind. 

Swing trading is good as I want to maintain my cash flow, however, the time of holding any stock for swing trading is between 1 to 6 months.

So do not jump the gun, and be prepared for a 5% fall anytime.

Making money from swing trading is very easy compared to Intraday and FnO. However, if you have patience you can make more money.

Now whatever I am writing below is my theory and I am not encouraging you to do the same. This is just an honest opinion on where I am investing my money. So, I will suggest doing research from your side before investing. 

Now, Let us get started investing without any further ado.

1st Swing Trading Stocks for next week: Asian Paints

Asian Paints was one of my favourite stocks in a long-term portfolio. I mentioned the word “was” because now I do not think it is a buy-and-forget kind of stock. 

The reason behind it is quite simple, there are other players like Indigo Paints, Grasim, Akzo Nobel, etc, who have better opportunities for capturing the market. So the MOAT of Asian paints is not more.

However, I still consider this stock as a good business. Even if you look at the pattern of this stock you can see it moves in a certain range.

As you can see it is near its resistance and have a good chance of bouncing back.

Asian Paints
Technical Analysis

Honestly, I am not good at technical analysis I just use a few patterns and stick to them. As I have been getting results from it consistently.

So as I said I love to invest in good companies so I do not use stop loss. I just drop out of any business if something goes wrong.

As of now, this is what I am going to do, I going to invest 5% of my portfolio in Asian paints and wait till it makes 10% after that I will start selling each time it makes 5% gains and eventually will target to hold it for a few months. 

2nd Swing Trading Stocks for next week: Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Bank and HDFC Bank have not given a run-up for a long time. I am very bullish on finance stocks, So I am going to Invest in such banks that are currently available at cheaper rates.

Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with the banks. They are sitting on good profits.

Two important triggers from the market are of elections and Interest rate cuts so once that happens, you can see these stocks going up.

Again you can expect a good 15% to 20% rise in Kotak Bank. So, I am Investing 5% of my portfolio in Kotak Bank and will hold it for around 2 to 3 months. At least will hold it till the election results.

3rd Swing Trading Stocks for next week: Titan

Titan is a good candidate for swing stock. It shows 5% to 10% ups and downs in its cycles.

I am not going to invest a lot here as I think the other two have good potential. Even though I am building my positions on HDFC, Titan remains an underrated player for me.

Speaking of fundamentals this is a great stock, and why not, it was one of the favourite stocks of late Mr. Rakesh Junjunwala.

Expect a 5 to 10% rise in this stock and a cut of some positions.

Final Words

So these were 3 Swing Trading Stocks for next week. If you loved this then please mention it in the comments and share it with people.

This is just the start of me publishing blogs on finance. So ask me about various topics.

I will try to come up with new stocks and finance-related information. And do not worry there will be no course or any kind of charges that I will take from you. If you have money then invest it in the stock market, not on my courses.

Happy Investing.