The future-proof career with Krack-it

Disclaimer: Wholesome Reliable and Krack-it are collaborating to meet students’ and market’s need right! College Education is just about Literacy! Even if you are a technical graduate, you are just technically literate. More than 70-80% of the knowledge that you have gained is to satisfy your curiosity and to justify how these conclusions have been … Read more

Dream 11 IPL updates that people are looking in the IPL blog

IPL blog

News articles of sports are now not only limited to the last page of the newspaper. Right from the Times of India to Cricbuzz, everyone is trying their best to publish an IPL blog on different aspects of the game. Recently Mumbai Indians became the first official account to cross 5 million-plus followers on Instagram.  … Read more

How to become a freelance Game Writer [Working Tips]

game reviewer

Becoming a freelance game review writer has a great scope, with around $31k and above payments. Whenever game players hit the store to get the new online game for themselves, they look for the review first. Reviews decide the success of any game. To become a freelance game writer, you need to share your own … Read more

Context Marketing is where Content Marketing starts really working. [Know how]

context marketing vs content marketing

Even mute ad works. Because they have context. The difference is very blurred between content marketing and context marketing. Content Marketing has already proven its success rate in the past decade in the segment of digital marketing. Earlier, advertisements were focused mainly on the products. These days, contextual advertising, contextual marketing, and contextual implementing is seen … Read more