Sports is one of those things which unit the nation. Sports are nowadays a great source of entertainment and players are treated like celebrities. This is the reason why The most followed person on Instagram is Ronaldo. 

Without any doubt, writing sports articles will gain a lot of views. But in order to gain views, you should know the right way of writing. You have to know about your targeted audience. You have to be very clear about your niche.

Know the people who are going to read your article

In any kind of sport, there are two types of audience: 1) sports viewers 2) Sports players.

What to write for the Sports viewers: 

Sports viewers are a category of people who are interested in watching sports. It is not necessary that they play it. So such people are interested in daily updates, live scores, upcoming matches, and Highlights or key moments of the matches.

Some of the viewers are also interested in fantasy games. These games give you a reward if your team players gain good fantasy points. Such viewers need to know about Players’ form, Predictated playing side, and who will be the player to bet for.

Now for all the viewers, you can write a sports article which includes Live scores or you can write a summary for the previous match, you can also write about players to watch out for, you can provide the best playing team for any fantasy league. 

You can make a format for your articles. First, you can write about the previous match and some key moments of that match. It will be useful for those who missed the match. You can then continue with some trending point of that match. 

You have to add your views and opinions, also add views of experts, and finally, end the article with prediction and best playing team for upcoming matches.

What value can you provide for the Sports players:

Sports players are the category of people who watch as well as play that sport. Now they can be also divided into two subcategories. 1) one who plays sport for fun or at a local level. 2) One who plays the sport at a professional level.

The first category of people is mostly teenagers so you can write sports articles for students. Remember they are also viewers so they too need all the updates of the matches. 

Now after adding a quick update you can tell them some extra points. You can provide some facts, engage them with a quiz, and give them some small tips to improve their game.

The second category of people is professional players. Professional players are mostly interested in diet, exercises, and skill set of professional players. This increases your niche.

You can work on a micro-niche where you only talk about specific stuff. For example, you can write a sports nutrition article, sports medicine article, sports marketing articles, articles on the workout, diet, and various useful tips.  

Which are some popular sports to write an article on:

While choosing any topic we have to keep in mind that sport is popular. The audience should always check the latest updates and news about that sport. Worlds most popular sport is soccer, a popular sport in the USA is Basketball and if you are Indian than it is undoubtedly cricket.

Let us find out how can we write a better article on all of these sports

How to write a Sports article about basketball:

NBA is the most popular league. You can start writing with ongoing NBA matches also you can keep your viewers engaged with Quiz, voting for top 3 best players, teams to watch out for, etc. 

Try to provide the latest interview with players and coaches. Help your audience to make their fantasy team. Ask people about various topics they are interested in.

For people who want to learn new skills, upload the videos of practice sessions. Provide various interviews of players were they talk about workouts, preparation, and diet. 

Try to attach links and photos to make your article interesting. Use simple language and focus on only one topic in an article.

How to write an attractive Sports article on Soccer

Soccer is the most popular all over the world. It is obvious that your article about soccer will be viewed a lot. You have to provide information that many other sites do not provide. 

You can refer to various sports websites while writing, but your article should be unique and people should find something new in it. 

Try to cover all international and domestic matches. Try to write separate articles on famous players and their routines. 

Post images and also refer to various links in your article, it will help you to make more engagements.

How to write a Sports article on cricket:

Cricket is a popular sport in Asia and Australia. So you have to keep in mind that your audience is mostly from Countries like India, Srilanka, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand. 

People mostly will read your article to check updates, live scores, and about the latest happenings in the sports.

Many people play cricket in India, so you can also publish articles on how to play various shots. You can make an article on the Indian diet for cricketers. 

Try to provide maximum and quality information in your articles and automatically you can see your article will be ranked high.

Final Words  

Most people do not write because of fear no one will read the article of the average person, but, The fact is you are providing your unique perspective of the sports. You share various ideas and add value to others’ life.

In order to get a high rank to try to keep your article original with honest information. Do not think much about Hot keywords. Just try to keep it simple yet informative.

Your article should be based on your favorite topic about which you have good knowledge. Just start writing and daily despite results, learn to enjoy the process result will ultimately come.