Becoming a freelance game review writer has a great scope, with around $31k and above payments.

Whenever game players hit the store to get the new online game for themselves, they look for the review first. Reviews decide the success of any game.

To become a freelance game writer, you need to share your own experience and review the games. The demand for video game writers keeps on increasing as the gaming industry is booming and expanding rapidly.

The gaming community is really large and has a lot of audiences to answer to. Let us understand the basics to become a freelance games review writer:

Why Choose Video Game Writer as a freelance option

Isn’t it rewarding to get paid to play and write about all the amazing games? This niche is particularly for people who have an interest in playing video games. Playing video games and writing a review about it is technical and geeky stuff.

 It is cool in many ways as you get to play the game, understand it, and also enjoy it!  If you are doing great you will get a lot of Games, products, and hardware accessories to review, and that too free of cost! 

If you get associated with any publication they can give you early access and ask about your feedback. You can become a beta tester as well as a content writer. You could also be guiding fellow gamers and helping them with your articles.

The Best way to Construct your Game Review Article 

Understand the game and its emotion. Show your Writing skills, share your knowledge about the game, provide some additional and unique tips that no one is providing, share your expertise, and write an honest review. Make it an interactive and immersive experience for the readers. 

It is a niche that is flexible and offers a lot of options such as:

  • Game reviews,
  • Gaming related news,
  • Doing game-related analysis,
  • Explaining the tips and tricks,
  • Providing updates,
  • Taking interviews, and giving tutorials.

Different players will understand and experience the game differently from their own perspectives. Give the players the freedom to understand the game according to their terms. 

Help them to understand the game better than spoiling their excitement. Never reveal the storyline of the game completely.

Even if you describe the gameplay on paper sometimes it would not be the same to experience it. Never be judgemental while writing about the game. Every word you write must be carefully chosen as it is depicting the characters, locations, and even the story of the game.

Write it in such a way that it will develop an interest in the mind of the player and make him excited to get his hands on the game as soon as possible. Your article should portray the game in the most accurate manner possible.

Understand the language of gamers. Write your article in such a way that the gamers understand it properly. Try to understand the gaming lingos and slangs as it will help in creating a bond with the gamer. 

Write about the positives and negatives of the game. Explain about the graphics and user experience. Write a detailed explanation about the controls and setups you could use. Cover all the platforms on which the game is launched and available. Give your opinion on the pricing of the game and the in-game purchases. Compare it with its nearest rivals. Share your experience with the features and options that the game is providing.

Understand the Game Genre 

Selecting the perfect genre is the most important task as you are targeting a particular audience. There are various gaming genres like Sports, Racing, Fighting, Battle-Royal, First Person Shooters, Real-time strategy games, Roleplay Games. Structure your article according to the genre of game you are writing about. 

Compare the key features with the game which is favorite and trending in the gaming scenario. 

Know what the current trend is going around. Try to pick the trend and select the genre according to the trend. Stay ahead of the competitors.  

Try to write about the genre which you feel most comfortable with and share your knowledge and experience with it. 


Almost every Video game publication uses freelancers to reach to a large number of audience. Various Gaming related sites also use freelancers. Now you are only one step away from becoming a freelance games writer.

Hope this article has helped you and to know more about freelancing follow us for regular updates and articles.