Disclaimer: Wholesome Reliable and Krack-it are collaborating to meet students’ and market’s need right!

College Education is just about Literacy!

Even if you are a technical graduate, you are just technically literate.

More than 70-80% of the knowledge that you have gained is to satisfy your curiosity and to justify how these conclusions have been made. 

And jobs are application-based. The knowledge that you have gained should be implemented to serve the nation and world and make this, an even better place than earlier. 

We need to be directed right for this!

A little education of market intelligence, market demands, market needs, and market problems could help you help them better.

We at Krack-it have taken a step further to help bridge this gap between passed outs and the market needs. Moreover, Wholesome_Reliable, a content marketing hub is joining hands with us to extend more opportunities. 

We have drafted a crash course that will definitely help students literate about the present and future technologies that the market is demanding. Colleges and Universities have already made their base clear and made them very familiar with the history of technology. So, we are just making them familiar with current and future technologies.

This will definitely serve students to be smart with existing and upcoming technologies.

Krack it Salients:

  • We are providing students assistance beyond training
  • We provide internships to students to work on real consultancy projects
  • We onboard professors of esteemed colleges
  • We are building an ecosystem