blog in 2023

Is it a good idea to start a personal blog in 2023? Does something like blogging still earn you money to pay your bills?

As many people are consuming content in video, audio and image format, it is likely to feel that blog in text form is dying.

When I started blogging in 2016, platforms like reels didn’t exist. And these days, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest have become search engines in themselves. However, blogging still persists and blogs are here to stay for longer.

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3 Reasons Why A Personal Blog is a Good Idea in 2023

Is It A Good Idea To Start A Personal Blog In 2023?
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1.      Google Needs Textual Library

Why do we still use textbooks when there’s YouTube?

There’s some authentic, long-form information that still needs to be conveyed in text form. That’s why LinkedIn is still thriving!

Alright, let’s go my human psychology. What makes you more intelligent? Blog or Vlog?

When you start reading a blog, you are continuously taking a screenshot, bookmarking the content, and remembering the lines. When you watch the same thing on YouTube or reels, you have a distraction. You mark it to re-watch it again(which hardly happens).

That’s why blogs are here to stay. They are less destructive and more knowledgeable, serving their purpose right. 

2.      We Still Say “Google” It, Meaning “Read It On The Blog”.

Whenever we are in seek of any sort of knowledge, we prefer googling it. Unless we want to have information which could be acquired better by watching.

For instance, I would search “best Christmas gift ideas” on Google. More than 80% of my own research is from Google which is textual content.

We still search for authentic information on blogs instead of reels and shorts. The thing to keep in mind is, if you are starting an informative niche, the blog is the thing for you. For the entertainment niche, short videos are the thing.

However, if you keenly observe, every social media influence you know, is building a community. The influencer is asking you to subscribe to their newsletter. (Remembered? Flashback of Mails, happened?)

Because they all want you to read them. I repeat, READ. Only when you read your influencer in text content, you will build trust and relationships with them.

And here’s why most brands are incorporating blogs in their marketing strategies.

3.      There are Numerous Ways to Earn through your Blog

We all know the monetary benefits of blogging. And when we are in 2023 now, and we have even more ways to earn through blogs.

When people ask – “Is it a good idea to start blog in 2023”, what they mean is – “will a blog fetch me a good amount of revenue in 2023?”. The honest answer to this question is – Your blog will make some revenue in 2023 if you start right now. However, it will take a year or two for the blog to be self-sustaining.

Here, I mentioned 10 ways to earn through a blog without AdSense. After reading this blog, you will definitely consider blogging in 2023 as a good idea.

Final Words

It is definitely a good idea to start a personal blog in 2023 to earn fair enough by 2024. Start your blog and thank me later.

A few tips to start your blog in 2023:

  • Produce original content.
  • Do not rely on AIs for your own blog content.

In case you are looking forward to starting a blog but don’t know how to? Or if you are not sure if the niche you chose is the right one, do WhatsApp me and I will guide you for FREE. (Okay, for cheesecake!)