Write The Best Resume Using ChatGPT [3 Simple tricks]

Write your best resume using ChatGPT Prompts! Writing a resume has always been a task for all the job seekers and job switchers out there. Writing a better resume is basically a skill of marketing and writing. However, not even 3% of resumes sent are selected. The...

[GPT 4 Demo] Do Not Wait To Make Crazy Money from The GPT 4 App

If you are a ChatGPT pro user you will automatically have access to GPT 4. And you might be already thinking - "How to make money from your GPT 4 App". So we are here with a live GPT 4 demo. GPT announces various updates and news almost every day. Before diving into...

Content Strategy Hack To Earn 50,000 A Month [Every Small Business Owner Should Master] 

Content Strategy for small businesses can easily increase your ROI by 30%. The reason behind these crazy returns is because of 2 key factors: Growth in purchasing power of youth.The daily consumption of content is rapidly increasing.  Combine these two factors...

Is It A Good Idea To Start A Personal Blog In 2023?

Is it a good idea to start a personal blog in 2023? Does something like blogging still earn you money to pay your bills? As many people are consuming content in video, audio and image format, it is likely to feel that blog in text form is dying. When I started...

Can Your Website Make Money Without AdSense? [In 10 Ways!]

Can your website make money without AdSense? Well, we all know why to build a website in the first place. It is for selling a product/service or for creating a portfolio or starting a blog.  How would anyone earn from websites? There are numerous ways than just...

The future-proof career with Krack-it

Disclaimer: Wholesome Reliable and Krack-it are collaborating to meet students' and market's need right! College Education is just about Literacy! Even if you are a technical graduate, you are just technically literate. More than 70-80% of the knowledge that you have...

How to write a perfect mail to a prospect?

How to write a perfect mail to a prospect?

Writing a mail to a prospect is nothing less than giving them a tour of your office or showroom. Let me tell you how. Let's consider Apple’s outlet. Whenever customers walk in, they constantly get engaged by either a customer service person or interactive bots asking...

How to become a freelance Game Writer [Working Tips]

How to become a freelance Game Writer [Working Tips]

Becoming a freelance game review writer has a great scope, with around $31k and above payments. Whenever game players hit the store to get the new online game for themselves, they look for the review first. Reviews decide the success of any game. To become a freelance...

How can a sports freelancer write a sports column effectively

How can a sports freelancer write a sports column effectively

Sports is one of those things which unit the nation. Sports are nowadays a great source of entertainment and players are treated like celebrities. This is the reason why The most followed person on Instagram is Ronaldo.  Without any doubt, writing sports articles...



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